My Two Sons: A Tale of Having Two Boys

Guest Post by Be Strong and Healthy

Questions I  get asked alot are:  do twins run in your family?  Your husband’s?   Were the twins natural?

So I decided I should share my story here – maybe this will help you in your journey.

On 1/2/12, I found I was pregnant for the 2nd time.  We were very excited – we had been trying for 3 months to get pregnant.  Took several tests, got blood work done, told friends and family – all the normal stuff!

I was pretty tired early on, but nothing seemed really out of the ordinary from my first pregnancy.  Started getting morning sickness around 6.5 weeks and was super thirsty all the time.    I kept a journal for both of my pregnancies and on 1/28/17 I wrote:

And….tired, exhausted.
I do feel bad complaining, this just has to be the worst feeling tired in the world.”  

I started showing pretty early – around 9 weeks.  But I just chalked that up to this being my 2nd pregnancy – most people say that you get bigger faster with your 2nd and subsequent kids.  By 21 weeks, I looked pretty full-term – but again, the thought of twins never crossed my mind!

having twins

9 weeks – 2/7/12

having twins

21 weeks

On 4/27/12, Jasen and I went to the doctor’s office first thing in the morning for the ultrasound.  We were excited – we didn’t find out the gender with our daughter, which was fun – but it would be neat this time to do it differently.   I layed down on the table and Jasen stood by the TV screen they project the ultrasound on.  The technician does what he needs to do to get setup and starts the ultrasound.  I briefly saw what looked like 2 heads – and thought, what was that?!    He then says – “How many were you hoping for?”  I said, “Ummm, one.”  He said, “Well, there are 2 – and they are both boys.”  Jasen:  “Oh my God.”  I was crying when we left the office – and then we had to tell our family.  Everyone was shocked to say the least – now I knew why I was so big so fast!

having twins

Top to Bottom Left Row – Baby A, then 2 heads; Top to Bottom Right Row: 2 heads, then Baby B

My twin pregnancy was pretty smooth, to be honest.  I had BAD swelling and could barely wear shoes some days.  It was hard to walk sometimes, but I made it.   I had non-stress tests once a week from week 33 on and toward the end, twice a week. Had steroid shots at 25 weeks for development.  Overall, standard things.

Fast forward to 8/23 – went to my weekly appointment.  My blood pressure was high, so doctor sent me to labor and delivery to get monitored.  Everything was fine, but I was having a lot of contractions!  I was put on an IV and told if my BP went up or the contractions didn’t stop, I would be admitted.  I was not allowed to return to work – 8/24 was my last day anyway (although I was a little bummed I didn’t make it!)

I was given a c-section date of 8/28!   I was given the choice for this – Baby A was head down, but Baby B was transverse.  The doctor said we could try a vaginal delivery and when Baby A came, Baby B would fall and he was willing to deliver breach -but if it dint’ work that way – I would have both types of delivery.  I choose just the c-section to avoid that.

having twins

38 weeks – 8/25/12

On 8/28/12 – we arrived at Williamsport Hospital at 7:45am to get checked in!

There was a team for me, a team for Rayce and a team for Ryin.

At 10:04am – Rayce Michael was born.
At 10:05am – Ryin Austin was born.

Rayce was 6lbs, 4 oz and 20 inches; Ryin was 6lbs, 11 oz and 20 inches.

Here is one of their first pictures together:

having twins

First family photo 8/28/12 – I was pretty drugged up LOL

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